Monday, March 12, 2012

Quilt Shows

While having a lovely extra long weekend in Ballarat, we stumbled across 2 quilt shows in the one town (city), one was a combined embroidery and quilt show in St Patricks Church hall while the other hosted by Begonia Quilters was in the beautiful rustic building housing the Gold Mining Exchange, thanks to the lovely ladies of these 2 groups for giving up their long weekend so we could enjoy their work.

My portable project for the weekend was stitching apple core papers for Sue Daley's Handy Hussif which I am making as part of a class, these little papers are quite addictive.    Homework given is to have 9 rows by 5 completed and stitched to a background piece for the next class, thankfully its another week away but I feel confident to get it done as I am enjoying the project.


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