Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Night Sew In

Tonight is my first night joining in Friday Night sew in, I'll need help getting the button.  I'm presently working on a hexagon BOM.   Enjoy your night.

While watching a great game of tennis, the Australian Open men's semi-final, I've stitched 6 hexagons, hope you had a great night sewing.

Happy Stitchn


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Its been a few months since I was here, the trouble is I cannot work out how to use Blogger properly.   Last week Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville showed a tutorial of how to put on a gadget, after several attemps I've manage to put the Easy Street Mystery gadget on here.

Í'm typing this using one hand as I had a fall this morning and have badly sprained my wrist and cannot do any sewing today.    The fall made me realise just how easy falls happen, I thought I'd got off to an early start on some gardening but lost my balance and fell backwards onto the base of my spine, yes its very sore and sprained my wrist trying to break the fall, fortunatly my head did not hit the concrete hard, but I am in one piece albiet a little sore!!!!

This afternoon I had planned on putting the finishing touches to a Christmas wallhanging, its Chistmas Time for Teddybears by Teddlywinks and is a combination of stitcheries and pieced blocks.

Last month at our Quilting group we worked on a mystery quilt which has turned out to be Double Wedding Ring using bias strips, although it was fun to do I am now having to undo my corners as I had gone too far.......I either get left behind or obviously don't listen properly.....oh well I will get it finished before we meet again in January.

As I cannot sew today, I'll get my next lot of fabrics ready for part 2 of Easy Street.

Bye for now


Thursday, April 19, 2012


Last Thursday I went to AQC with Lyn a girlfriend who also enjoys patchwork.   We had a lovely day setting out early and arriving at the beautiful Royal Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne as the doors were opening.    The Royal Exhibition Buildings were built and used as the first Parliament House in Australia 1901 the building was restored to its former glory about 15 years ago and makes a lovely backdrop to the beautiful works of art that patchwork quilts are.    We spent many hours wondering around the many stall admiring quilts and learning new techniques, but the 6 1/2 hrs the show is open goes very quickly and we had to take a very quick tour of the quilt exhibition......hope the organisers can arrange for longer hours.   Yesterday I had a surprise phone call from stall holder telling me that I had won a competition they had run, so now I am looking forward to receiving a kit for a quilt including stitchery.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So happy the Hussif is finished, it was an easy pattern although I will be "tweeking" it a little, hope my girlfriend will like hers.

Now I'm fussy cutting John Deere tractors into hexagon shapes to finish off the ball for my DGD, her daddy is a fan of John Deere tractors!!!   I must also finish off the John Deere tractor apron panel for my sons birthday, boys do need aprons when BBQing!!!


Saturday, March 24, 2012


Where does time go???   Last Wednesday night I was back to Mrs Martins Quilt Shop for the second class to finish making a Hussif from Applecore papers, I was rather pleased at my progress and managed to get it almost completed, I just need to hand stitch the side "wheels" to the main piece and attached either a button or a magnet closer.   I rather enjoyed stitching the Applecores together, although I got into a bit of a mess pulling the papers out, I'm now thinking of making another Hussif using Clamshell papers for a friend who lives on the coast and loves the colours blue and yellow.   

Tomorrow I will be sewing up an apron panel of a John Dere tractor for my son, it should be topical around his BBQ as he loves the tractor he works on.

Thats all for this week.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Quilt Shows

While having a lovely extra long weekend in Ballarat, we stumbled across 2 quilt shows in the one town (city), one was a combined embroidery and quilt show in St Patricks Church hall while the other hosted by Begonia Quilters was in the beautiful rustic building housing the Gold Mining Exchange, thanks to the lovely ladies of these 2 groups for giving up their long weekend so we could enjoy their work.

My portable project for the weekend was stitching apple core papers for Sue Daley's Handy Hussif which I am making as part of a class, these little papers are quite addictive.    Homework given is to have 9 rows by 5 completed and stitched to a background piece for the next class, thankfully its another week away but I feel confident to get it done as I am enjoying the project.


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mystery Class

After a lot of thought I have decided to give this Blogging a go.....

Saturday saw me attend my first class in quite a few years, you see my favourite local Patchwork shop closed down 3 years ago, I had learnt a lot at their classes and loved the sit and sew groups and whilst working part time and enjoying my baby grandchildren had not looked around for another group.   The first Saturday afternoon of the month sees me attend a small Patchwork group in a neighbouring suburb.

Late last year I started going to a Saturday sit & sew group at mrsmartinsquiltshop in Emerald and went to a Mystery Class last Saturday....I was the only one in the class, it was interesting using 2 1/2" strips (or Jelly Roll) and a 60deg ruler, as I am not a fast worker I didn't get as far as thought....but that is OK I now have something to do this coming Saturday.

My UFO's are also mounting up, why should I be any different from other quilters!!

Till next time