Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Night Sew In

Tonight is my first night joining in Friday Night sew in, I'll need help getting the button.  I'm presently working on a hexagon BOM.   Enjoy your night.

While watching a great game of tennis, the Australian Open men's semi-final, I've stitched 6 hexagons, hope you had a great night sewing.

Happy Stitchn



  1. Good luck with your hexagon project, are you able to show your readers some pics? or is it secret work?!

  2. Great that you are blogging about what you are doing. Joining in sew alongs or get togetherness is always fun. Here is a link to a tutorial for grabbing a grab button. The first pictures don't match my blogger look but the rest is good. To start click design at the top of your blog page then choose layout in the list on the left then continue with the tutorial. Any problems ask away.
    Tutorial link

  3. Hi Annette, just visiting from Jan Mac's blog. Look forward to seeing your hexagon project. Hexies were my first introduction to patchwork (over 35 years ago...gulp!) and I still love working with them.

  4. Just found your Blog and see you are very new Have fun with it

  5. Hexies are lots of fun, I look forward to seeing your works in projects! Wendy